Our Process

We take pride in our 3 part process to
evalutate, implement, and support your
account on an ongoing basis.

The staff of Direct Response™ is dedicated to being trusted partners
to our customers. We understand that every day opens new
challenges for fulfillment service providers.
Our commitment to excellence begins with understanding your company's history, where you are in your Fulfillment journey, and what we can do to improve your workflow and customer interaction. In this phase we focus on addressing the immediate and future technical and business service needs of:
Your Team
Your Operation
Your Customers
Our support team will work continuously with your key fulfillment staff to ensure a confident rollout of Direct Responseā„¢ to your operation and your customers. Your technical, production, and support staff need to feel prepared to transition to a new fulfillment platform and we will be there every step of the way.
We pride ourselves in providing best in class support. Our staff can assist with standard software support & troubleshooting, integration demands, and evaluating customer technical & business process requests. By nature, fulfillment is a challenging environment. Your staff should not feel alone on this adventure.
Reduce your total cost
of ownership on a

continuing basis

An exceptional turn-key solution delivered entirely as a
software as a service (SaaS) leveraging modern web
technologies and the cloud.

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