Direct Response™ is a full featured real-time warehouse and order fulfillment software as a service (SaaS). Every aspect of running an efficient warehouse and order fulfillment operation is available to you (and your clients) through a standard web browser. With no hardware to install (or maintain) and no software to install (or upgrade) you can focus on your core business and exceeding your client's needs.

Created under the guidance of a fulfillment partner with over 30 years of experience and continuously improved and expanded since it's creation in 1998 Direct Response™ holds a vast number of features and capabilities, some of which are highlighted below.

API & Eventing
E-commerce integration
Real-time reporting
Scaleable cloud
Order management
Multi-user / Multi-facility
Secure payment processing
Site redundancy
Kitting & Bill of Materials
Industry experience
Print & personalization
Shipping & freight

"Delivering the future, today."


The Direct Response™ fee structure consists of a one-time license and setup charge and then a recurring monthly fee based proportionally on system usage as outlined in detail below. Direct Response™ is provided using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model so there are no costly hardware purchases or ongoing maintenance requirements for you.

One-time Setup and License Fee - $9,995.00

This fee includes the following:

Monthly Recurring Rates - based on usage

The monthly fee includes: The minimum monthly fee is $2,000.00 in the event total activity does not reach this threshold.

Usage Rates

Per additional warehouse $100.00
Per active item revision (unique SKU) $0.20
Shipped Line Rates
   Per line shipped (Under 10k) $0.20
   Per line shipped (10k to 50k) $0.16
   Per line shipped (50k to 100k) $0.12
   Per line shipped (Over 100k) $0.08
CASS (address validation) FREE
Potential add-ons
   Per credit card processing call $0.13
   Per tax rating call $0.10
   Per Direct-2-Shop site
   (eCommerce site)

Monthly Pricing Calculator

Warehouses $0.00
Item revisions (unique SKUs) $400.00
Lines shipped $1600.00

"We are your partner, not just a vendor."

About us

Founded in 1998, Direct EDJE provides a real-time web based warehouse and order fulfillment solution named "Direct Response™". Direct EDJE is built on a heritage of fulfillment industry knowledge of over thirty years from its parent company Direct Resources, Inc.

Direct EDJE was formed to address the need within the fulfillment industry for next-generation internet based software. Existing products were cumbersome, expensive, and unable to meet the needs of evolving businesses. Direct EDJE is committed to building software that not only meets industry standards, but more importantly exceeds the expectations of our clients today and in the future. Our flagship product Direct Response™ is delivered as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and requires no hardware to purchase or maintain, or software to install and update, and doesn't require you to keep an IT staff to support it.

Our team

Meet the members of the Direct EDJE team!

Andrew Constantinou

Chief executive officer & Sales


Edward Canterbury

Chief Technology Officer


Jason Marx

Senior system developer


Joshua Moore

Chief information architect


Career opportunities

We are always looking for great talent to join the Direct EDJE team. We are currently looking for people in the following areas:

  • Software development and Engineering
  • Web development / Graphics design
  • Customer Support Specialist

If you are a highly motivated individual, looking for a challenging opportunity, please send your resume to employment@directedje.com.

Our clients

Every day more clients join the revolution and improve their warehouse and order fulfillment operations. Here are just a few of the companies that leverage Direct Response™ to revolutionize their supply chain.

Contact us

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Phone: 1-800-604-0004

Employment: employment@directedje.com
General inquiry: info@directedje.com
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